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Monday, 12 November 2012

Shiseido White Lucent Review

The Shiseido White Lucent range - foam cleanser, softener, serum, moisturiser

Recently I purchased some items from Shiseido and recieved two GWP's (Gift with Purchases). I decided to choose the White Lucent pack for both of my GWP's which each contained one deluxe sample of the White Lucent foam cleanser, softener, serum, and moisturiser. Each one of these White Lucent deluxe sample packs lasts for about 2 weeks provided you are using it both day and night. So I had two lots - therefore giving me about one months supply. The Shiseido White Lucent range claims to 1) brighten the skins complexion 2) fade away discolouration/pigmentation/dark spots (sun spots, age spots, acne scarring) 3) and even the skin tone.

After one month of using the White Lucent range, I found that it did indeed brighten my skins complexion, the clarity of my skin was improved and I looked much less dull however it failed to fade away my pigmentation (caused by the sun exposure). I was quite disappointed as my pigmentation/sun spots has been a problem that I've wanted to fix for a while now. Ofcourse I did not expect these spots to completely disappear however atleast fade away a little - it didn't help much with this at all.

The one product I particularly loved in this range was the foam cleanser. It was quite gentle on the skin, gave my skin a nice squeaky clean feeling, instantly brightened my skin after every use, and I found that did not need to use that much of the product (only a pea size for each use) therefore lasted the longest out of all the products, 

Conclusion: If youre looking for a skincare range to help brighten your complexion and make your skin appear more translucent, then the Shiseido White Lucent range will definitely help. But if you're looking for a product that will visible reduce and fade your discolouration/pigmentation, then this product really isnt for you.

Below are some pictures that I took before and after using this range. Although these pictures are not indicative of how it brightened my skins complexion, you can tell that it didnt really fade away my pigmentation.


  1. Can i know how much u bought this facial cleanser?

    1. Hey Kelly! sorry i didn't see this msg until now! this was a gift with purchase so i didn't purchase the cleanser (as its not full size). If you buy the full size cleanser from any department store such as David Jones/Myer.. it will be $65 AUD. Its quite a good foam cleanser that lasts for ages!