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Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Too Faced Buodoir Eyes

Last week I experimented with the Too Faced Buodoir Eyes. After playing around with this eyeshadow palette and using their How-to Glamour Guide provided, I would say that this palette was so-so for me.

Blend ability: 6/10
It was quite hard to blend the colours nicely at times, especially when following the instructions in the How-to Glamour Guide.
If you aren't careful with applying the eyeshadows, the look can very easily appear 'muddy'. My theory is that the colours in the palette don't compliment each other very well and there are too many shimmers in contrast with mattes. Often when you mix shimmers together with colours that don't compliment each other very well, it can give you that 'muddy' kind of effect. Also, I find that the shimmer colours in this palette aren't very nice to blend with.

Pigmentation: 8/10
Of course the shimmers aren't as pigmented as the mattes but I would say the colours are relatively well pigmented.

Staying Power: 9/10
The eyeshadow will stay on well throughout the day but thats provided you use an eyeshadow primer. My favourite is the Too Faced Shadow Insurance!

Overall Rating: 7/10
It is quite a versatile palette and very easy to take around with you whilst travelling however I didn't really like the mix of eyeshadows recommended for use in the How-to Glamour Guide provided for you. Although there are no set rules on how to use the palette, I would've much preferred to use it in a different way (e.g. I would've mixed the colours from here with colours from another palette).
If you are beginning with makeup then I do think it's quite handy to have this as you have an instructional leaflet book to give you ideas on how to use the eyeshadow colours. But I would still prefer and recommend the the Urban Decay Naked or Naked 2 over this as you get a lot more colours which compliment each other very well, get a lot more looks out of it, and the colours are more pigmented.

Below I have recreated the 3 different looks (Day, Classic, and Fashion) that they have provided for you in their How-to Glamour Guide.


1. Sweep In The Buff from lash to brow.

2. Press Fuzzy Handcuffs onto the eyelid.

3. Blend Voulez-Vous into the crease and outer lash line.

4. Apply black gel liner to the top and bottom of your eyes (apply as you like or here I have done a slight wing at the top and only applied the eyeliner half way on the bottom - using Loreal gel liner).

5. Curl your lashes and apply mascara to top and bottom lashes (here I am using Shiseido eyelash curler and Helana Rubinstein Lash Queen Sexy Blacks mascara).


1. Prime eyelids and apply Satin Sheets from lash to brow.

2. Sweep Sugar Walls onto lid, crease and around tear duct.

3. Smoke upper and lower lash lines with Garter Belt.

4. Apply black gel liner to the top and bottom of your eyes (apply as you like or here I have done a slight wing at the top and only applied the eyeliner half way on the bottom - using Loreal gel liner).

5. Curl your lashes and apply mascara to top and bottom lashes (here I am using Shiseido eyelash curler and Helana Rubinstein Lash Queen Sexy Blacks mascara).


1. Prime eyelids and sweep Birthday Suit from crease to brow.

2. Blend Lap Dance into crease and onto lid. 

3. Apply French Tickler to upper lash line and extend outward, then blend into lower lash line.

4. Apply black gel liner to the top and bottom of your eyes (apply as you like or here I have done a slight wing at the top and only applied the eyeliner half way on the bottom - using Loreal gel liner).

5. Using a pointed eyeshadow brush, smudge the eyeliner out to a little to create that smokey effect.
6. Curl your lashes and apply mascara to top and bottom lashes (here I am using Shiseido eyelash curler and Helana Rubinstein Lash Queen Sexy Blacks mascara).

Below: Full face of the 'CLASSIC' look.


Sunday, 28 April 2013

In Beauty + Ricky NYC No-Crease Hair Clips

Recently I popped into Magnation to have a bit of a browse whilst waiting for my train. If you don't know what Magnation is.. It's a little magazine store on Elizabeth Street, Melbourne that stock many different titles; from popular mainstream ones to niche ones. So while I was there I found this awesome beauty magazine called In Beauty. I may be out of date as I just discovered it but this magazine is great! It showcases intricate visuals of the very latest fashion/runway makeup artistry and is especially useful for aspiring makeup artists out there who are seeking for inspiration. 
 Oh and I also managed to pick up a nice graphic design magazine to give me some ideas for my folio. Pity these magazines are so expensive though...

While I was flicking through In Beauty, I saw the exact same clips I have featured in the Marc Jacobs section.
I love these clips and highly recommend them to any makeup artist or to anyone who doesn't like their hair getting in the way when applying makeup. Unlike normal hair clips, they don't crease your hair and leave that nasty fringe bump after you take it out. They are super cute too!

RICKY'S NYC No-Crease Pastel Bow Clips
Purchased from Mecca Maxima ($7 AUD)


Monday, 15 April 2013

Black & Gold Nails ft. Sally Hansen Nail Strips

What you'll need:

- Black Nail Polish

- Sally Hansen Salon Effects Nail Polish Strips 260 Glitz Blitz
(Comes with 16 Nail Polish Strips, Cuticle Stick, Mini File & Buffer)

1. Ensure nails are clean.
2. Paint nails with a black coloured nail polish.

3. Cut the Sally Hansen Nail Stickers into thin strips.

4. Peel the back of the nail sticker off.
5. Apply it on the nails.
6. Then peel off the clear plastic on top of the nail sticker.
7. Cut off the edges using your fingernails or a nail filer. 
8. The finished result.
Above: another option you can try.


Tuesday, 9 April 2013

March Favourites



Smashbox Photo Finish Color Correcting 'ADJUST' Primer
($54.95 AUD at Mecca)
This primer does indeed reduce redness especially around the cheek area, sides of the nose and on red blemish areas. Although using the primer by itself (without foundation on top) did subtly neutralise my redness and even out my skin tone, I didn't see a major difference until I applied foundation over it. When I applied foundation over the side of my face where I put the Smashbox Color Correcting Adjust Primer on, I found that:

1. The foundation glided more easily on to the skin
2. The colour of the foundation came out better 
3. The foundation had more coverage (even though i used the same amount of foundation on both sides) 
4. I used less foundation 
5. My pink undertone didn't come out as much
6. My open pores and fine lines were smoothed out

 Overall I found that using this primer gave me a more flawless and even finish. So if you have a bit of pink undertone, redness, rosacea or even just get flushed easily, then this product is for you.
 This primer doesn't moisturise/hydrate the skin so make sure that you treat your skin first with an exfoliator, serum or moisturiser to avoid dry patches (especially if you have dry/dehydrated skin). You can even wear the primer by itself to neutralise the redness however you won't see the real effect until you put foundation over it. 

Nars The Multiple in 'Maldives'
($64 AUD at Mecca)
This colour is perfect for anyone who wants that dewy, healthy, luminous flush and glow to their skin or even those who don't like the fuss of going through the whole procedure of putting on bronzer, blush, and highlighter. 
Maldives is a bronzy sort of rose colour without having too much bronze or rose tones overpowering it. It's also like 3 in 1 bronzer, blush, and highlighter in one (or can even be use as an eyeshadow, lip colour, or body highlighter) hence the name 'The Multiple'. So you can put it on hollows of your cheeks as a bronzer, apples of your cheek as a blush, or just on top of your cheek bone as a highlighter. The reason why I personally love this product is because I find the colour to be especially suitable for those who have fair skin so I actually just use it as a bronzer and blush in one. It's even good for those who have dull skin who just want to brighten up their complexion a little bit to get that sun-kissed look. Actually, whenever I wear this product, I get comments from people that my skin has a nice healthy glow. Well I guess my secrets out - it's not really my skin.. Its probably the Nars Multiple stick in Maldives that gives the illusion of healthy glowing skin.

Nars Powder Blush in 'Sex Appeal' 
($45 AUD at Mecca) 
Again, this is another perfect cheek colour for those who have light coloured skin. Having relatively fair skin, I find it hard to find a matte blush that won't go on without looking too harsh or pigmented. Not that there is anything wrong with high pigmented blushes (I actually love blushes with good pigments because thats when you can tell if it's a good quality or not) but I always have to be extremely careful when applying matte coloured blushes on my cheeks as one misplacement or a little too much blush can so easily make me look too flushed or like a clown hence why I always tend to steer away from matte blushes and go for shimmery ones instead.
Nars 'Sex Appeal' is one of the first good quality, pigmented and matte blush's I've tried that hasn't given me that fake pink flush or baby doll look. It gives me a rather peachy-nude natural hint of colour - perfect for those who have fair skin and just want that natural flush on their face. Those who have darker skin can also use this if they want a natural cheek colour too although it may not appear as pigmented as it would on light coloured skin. With this colour, you can also afford to make a little slip here and there as even though its a good quality pigmented blush, the colour is quite light and subtle. 

Too Faced Lip Insurance 
($28.95 AUD at Mecca)
 In the past, I've tried many too faced products and fell in love with their eye shadow primer, Eye Insurance. Now I have fallen in love again with their lip primer. It's a product that I've been longing for for ages but I just didn't know it existed until now. Too Faced Lip Insurance literally does the same job as their eye primer in the sense where
1. It ensures that the makeup stays on all day 
2. and allows the pigment of the product to come out better (therefore using less product) 
The only difference is:
3. the lip primer also prevents feathering of your lipstick
4. and prevents chapping of the lips throughout the day

 If you're bright coloured lipstick kinda girl, then you know how difficult it is to prevent feathering of bright lipstick around the lips (even if you use a lip liner). You probably also know how annoying it is to wear a lipstick and have your lips start drying out or chapping in your lip creases not long after wearing your lipstick. 
So whether you're makeup artist, a bright lipstick wearer or an occasionally lipstick wearer, I highly recommend this product for you. It's such a good investment to make because it really does stop the feathering/chapping of your lipstick throughout the day, provided you apply a lip conditioner on underneath.

Ideal way to use Too Faced Lip Insurance
- If you have a lip exfoliator, apply that on first so you can scrub away the dry/chapped skin on the lips.
- Wash off your exfoliator and apply your preferred lip treatment/conditioner/balm
- Leave that on the lips to absorb whilst doing the rest of your makeup
- Then at the very end after you've done your makeup, apply Too Faced Lip Insurance on the lips
- And while the lip primer is still wet, apply your favourite lipstick colour on straight away

Give it go, you should have perfect long lasting lipstick for the rest of the day - without feathering, without dryness, without reapplying. 


Koji Eye Talk 
($11.50 AUD
This is actually a double eye lid glue for mono lids but I actually use this as an eyelash glue and it works perfectly. Unlike normal eyelash glues, it doesn't smell, it's very easy to apply on as I just use the brush handle directly on to the fake lashes, and it doesn't create any mess (with normal eyelash glue, sometimes you can accidentally squeeze out too much product and it can stick everywhere and is incredibly hard to remove). It also adheres to the lashes just as well as normal eyelash glue. 

Tangle Teezer
($12.90 AUD from
 This is a great hair brush for those who have long, knotted and tangled hair. My hair is quite long and it's been permed and coloured so many times so as you can probably imagine, my hair is quite unhealthy and gets tangled very easily. After using this brush, I can't go back to using a normal hair brush anymore. I spend half the amount of time that I would normally using a normal brush to brush my hair using the Tangle Teezer. It combs through my knots and tangles so quick and effortlessly. Can't live without it now.

La Prairie Cellular Treatment Loose Powder in 'Translucent 1'
($130 AUD at David Jones)
At $130 AUD, this powder is not considered cheap but it is definitely very good quality; both the packaging and the powder itself. 
As shown in the picture above, you receive two powder cases when you purchase it - one extremely large 56 gram powder and one travel size 10 gram powder to put in your bag. 

At first when I got this, I thought it was really just the packaging that made it so luxurious but actually after trying the powder several times, I realised how good the powder itself actually was. The powder is so velvety smooth and fine which makes it glide on the skin very easily without being cakey or crusty (like some translucent powders out there). It also gives a natural radiance to your skin and is buildable in coverage. So depending on how much powder you use or what tool you use to apply the powder.. the coverage is adjustable. So for a light coverage, use a fan brush. For a medium coverage, use a large powder brush. And for a fuller coverage, use a sponge or the powder puff provided for you.

The packaging is another thing to rave on about (thats probably why you pay so much for a powder like this). As captured in the above pictures, you can see that both the powder containers have a twisty open and close thing. This is really handy especially if you want to take your powder around with you in your bag because it prevents the powder from spilling and making a big mess like most translucent powders tend to do. Both containers also come with a luxurious powder puff and the larger packaging also comes with a spatula which you can click onto the lid - So if you want to transfer some powder to the smaller container, you can easily do so (sort of like a refill container). 

Though this powder is quite pricey, you get:
a) A very large 56 gram powder that contains a spatula and powder puff
b) A beautiful travel size 10 gram powder that contains a mirror and powder puff
c) Good quality, luxurious, silky smooth and ultra fine translucent powder

You may be able to get another powder similar to this but the packaging is quite rare for me to see. That's probably why I was so drawn to this product. Ofcourse, whether you think it's worth it or not depends on your own unique values.