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Saturday, 16 March 2013

Shiseido Makeup Review

When people think of Shiseido, they usually think of a high end Japanese skincare brand. Lets face it; Shiseido is known for their skincare rather than their makeup. In this post, I'll be reviewing a few of their makeup products. 

Perfect Foundation Brush 
$49 AUD
- The short handle makes it easy to control
- Can even be used for concealer because the brush head is quite small
- High definition brush that gives an almost airbrushed look
- Really good for getting right into those nooks and crannies around the face (e.g. sides of nose/curved areas)
- Suitable for travel
- Blends in foundation really well (almost like a tiny angled kabuki brush)
- Can take a long time to blend in your foundation if you're just using this brush. I suggest using a larger foundation/fingers first, then the Shiseido Perfect Foundation Brush at the end to blend in any streaks

Perfect Rouge Lipstick BE208 and RD514
$38 AUD
- Moisturising
- Pigmented
- Can build up from a sheer finish to a full finish

Perfect Rouge Glowing Matte Lipstick PK224
$38 AUD
- Drying on the lips
- Colour payoff isn't very good (you have to use a lot of the product to get good pigment)

Luminizing Lipgloss PK303
$38 AUD
- Moisturising
- Non-sticky smooth lipgloss
- The brush applicator makes it easy to apply

Lacquer Rouge RD203
$38 AUD
- Pigmented
- Non-drying and creamy texture
- Almost like a gloss/lipstick

Luminizing Satin Face Colour
$60 AUD
- A nice glitter free highlighter (which is difficult to find)
- Natural looking
- Silky pearly white finish (not too matte/cakey)
- Doesn't contain glitter/sparkles like most other highlighters
- A good highlighter if you have an oily T-zone, oily skin, or have fine lines/wrinkles you don't want to enhance (as shiny highlighters will enhance lines/wrinkles)
- Nice compact case and good brush to go with it

Eyelash Curler
$25 AUD
- Really suitable for asian lashes (which are generally harder to curl)
- Never pinches lids or pulls out lashes
- Fits perfectly on lashes
- Gives effortless curls

Natural Finish Cream Concealer Light Medium 2
$50 AUD
- Creamy concealer 
- Medium coverage
- Doesn't crease/dry
- Good for covering pinkness/redness (e.g. pimples, under eyes, sides of noes)

Smoothing Lip Pencil RD305
$32 AUD
- Very natural lip liner
- Can build the colour
- Non-drying
- Brush at the end is quite handy for blending
- However smudges quite easily

Eyeliner Pencil 7 Deep Brown
$38 AUD
- Smooth/creamy consistency
- Colour pay off is quite good
- However can smudge throughout the day

Eyebrow and Eyeliner Compact BL2 
- Blends well
- Particular good for those who don't have a lot of eyebrow hair
- However can be a bit heavy for those who have normal eyebrows and don't need that much filling
- Very easy to make a mistake/to go heavy handed

Eyebrow Pencil BR602 and BR704 
$36 AUD
- Natural finish
- Very easy to apply and hard to make a mistake as its so light
- Not too waxy (which is good because the waxier it is, the easier it is to make a mistake/go too dark)

Silky Eyeshadow Quad Q1 Dusk to Dawn
- Too powdery
- Not enough pigment
- Very easy to break/crumble the eyeshadow
- Disappears after a few hours of wear

Luminizing Satin Eye Colour YE121
$62 AUD
- Too powdery
- Not enough pigment
- Very easy to break/crumble the eyeshadow
- Disappears after a few hours of wear

Overall, Shiseido's makeup is quite pricey for what you're getting. Some of their makeup is definitely worth buying such as their eyebrow pencil, eyelash curler, and Perfect Foundation brush. But the rest of their makeup is so-so or even below average. If you're willing to spend that much money on a make up product, I suggest you go for a more specialised make up brand such as Nars, Stila, Bobbi Brown etc - Same price range but better quality make up (in terms of pigments, packaging, and more variety of colour). Shiseido = specialised skincare brand in my opinion. 


  1. I agree, I never thought of Shiseido much of a makeup brand, but more a skincare brand! I've been on the lookout for a nice eyebrow pencil and I actually had a look at Shiseido's today! I loved how it wasn't soft and too dark, the hardness of it makes it very forgiving if you make a mistake which I love! At $36 it isn't the cheapest, but I might have a look around before I buy it. The eyelash curler is a pretty good price, and it looks great too! I got the Shu Uemura one though which is fantastic :)

    1. Hey Karen! sorry for the late reply. Oh yeah their eyebrow pencil is quite good.. I really dislike it when the eyebrow pencil is so soft/pigmented.. makes me look like Ive got angry brows lol. Another really good eyebrow pencil is Kate if you can get your hands on it... It's much cheaper than the Shiseido one. My friend got it for me from Japan but I'm sure you can buy it on ebay. Ive been meaning to try the Shu eyelash curler but many people say its very similar to the Shiseido one i guess?