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Sunday, 18 August 2013

Thoughts on getting eyebrows tattooed

Don't you hate it when your eyebrows just can't be shaped to how you imagined it to be no matter how hard you try? One week you'd have amazingly neat brows and not long after they would turn scruffy and shapeless. I was pretty fed up with my moody eyebrows so I decided to get them tattooed.

Now before you jump to conclusion about eyebrow tattooing, words that might pop up into your mind may include 'fake-looking', 'crayola', 'obvious', 'blue', and 'asian women' (I say 'asian women' as a description because drawn-on looking eyebrows are typically seen on older asian women). 
Honestly, those are the exact images that into my mind when thinking about eyebrow tattoos, but after seeing a few people I know get them done and having it done myself, I have now totally changed my view on it. You just need to do your research and get it done by the right person. 

If you have untameable eyebrows like me, I definitely think it's worthwhile to get your eyebrows tattooed as makes it SO much easier for you to trim and shape yourself (it's like having a semi permanent stencil there). This means less time and energy to get your eyebrows shaped every few months by a professional or yourself.

  LHS: Eyebrow filled in with eyebrow pencil (also with eyebrow tattoo)
RHS: Bare eyebrow with no fillers (just with the eyebrow tattoo itself)

As you can see you still need eyebrow pencil to make them look more defined and full however it still looks quite naturally full even without eyebrow pencil.

All in all, it is a big investment to make (it cost me $350 AUD and you will need to get them touched up at least once a year if you want to maintain the shape) but I'm so glad I got them done because now even when I don't expend as much energy defining/shaping them, they look more even, full and defined. 

Images Above: Both tattooed eyebrows filled in with eyebrow pencil (using Hourglass - Arch in 'Soft Brunette')


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  2. “Do your research and get it done by the right person.” – Great advice! And it’s applicable not only to eyebrow tattoos and permanent makeup, but to all of the enhancement procedures you plan to go through. Skin is a major physical asset, and there’s nothing wrong with wanting to improve it. But make sure you are fully aware of what you’re getting yourself into before you subject yourself to any of those enhancement procedures. [ageless]

  3. I totally agree with you, Ann! Eyebrow tattooing may have negative connotations because of the words themselves or the numerous bad examples, which I've seen my fair share of. However, if done properly, it can really do wonders to amplify the face's natural beauty. I think yours is a wonderful example! Thanks for sharing! Stay beautiful!

    Amanda Mazzocchi@ Good Look Ink