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Saturday, 3 August 2013

A Smart Exfoliator: Perricone Blue Plasma

I have been absolutely loving the new Perricone Blue Plasma. Its like no other exfoliator I have ever tried before - no irritation, no tears, no redness, and no sensitivity whatsoever.

In the past I have tried many different types of exfoliators - from chemical peels that contain ingredients such as salicylic acids, fruit acids, and lactic acids to grainy surface scrubs that contain sea salt, almond flakes, and even diamond core powder! As a beauty junkie, I can tell you the exfoliators that have given me that instant glam glow effect have usually left my skin with an unpleasant tingling sensation accompanied with a delicate sore red face and the ones that have been gentle on my skin have usually given me no results at all.

What I love about Perricone's Blue Plasma is that gives you the best of both worlds - It's gentle on the skin but results driven at the same time. And what I mean by results is that it has reduced my pore sizegiven my skin an extra boost of radiance and glowbuffed away a few of my dry patches and has alsplumped up and hydrated my skin. But the one word above all to describe the effect that it has had on my skin is 'SMOOTH'. My skin has never felt more smooth, supple and soft before and it is so easy to glide on my makeup now. Before when I applied my makeup, I would have dry patches of skin here and there (especially around the noes area) and would be especially visible once I finished my foundation application. But now after using Blue Plasma for a week, those dry patches have seemed to magically disappear.

Initially when you use this product, you may doubt that it's actually working because you don't experience any roughness/pain like most other traditional exfoliators give you. But due to Perricone's advanced technology (Bio-Specific Peeling and Salmon Egg Enzyme), it only dissolves dead skin cells and leaves the healthy skin cells unharmed therefore you dont get the unnecessary pain with results. Smart right? It also contains ingredients such as Copper to restore and regenerate cells and Hydro-fusion to hydrate and balance the skin - thats where you get that nice smoothness and suppleness from.

Blue Plasma is so gentle that you can use it once a day (either day or night). And you can rest assure that any skin type can use it - even the most sensitive. So now when I do makeup applications for customers, I always use this as a makeup prep as it will buff away roughness on anyones skin and allow the makeup to glide on a lot easier.

No wonder it's one of the best sellers in Sephora at the moment! Give it a try and let me know what you think xx

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