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Sunday, 28 April 2013

In Beauty + Ricky NYC No-Crease Hair Clips

Recently I popped into Magnation to have a bit of a browse whilst waiting for my train. If you don't know what Magnation is.. It's a little magazine store on Elizabeth Street, Melbourne that stock many different titles; from popular mainstream ones to niche ones. So while I was there I found this awesome beauty magazine called In Beauty. I may be out of date as I just discovered it but this magazine is great! It showcases intricate visuals of the very latest fashion/runway makeup artistry and is especially useful for aspiring makeup artists out there who are seeking for inspiration. 
 Oh and I also managed to pick up a nice graphic design magazine to give me some ideas for my folio. Pity these magazines are so expensive though...

While I was flicking through In Beauty, I saw the exact same clips I have featured in the Marc Jacobs section.
I love these clips and highly recommend them to any makeup artist or to anyone who doesn't like their hair getting in the way when applying makeup. Unlike normal hair clips, they don't crease your hair and leave that nasty fringe bump after you take it out. They are super cute too!

RICKY'S NYC No-Crease Pastel Bow Clips
Purchased from Mecca Maxima ($7 AUD)



  1. I love those little thing! I used to use a cotton pad with the clip but these are more convenience :) xx

    Grace of Beauty

    1. I use to do that too Grace haha. these things are such a good invention !