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Monday, 11 March 2013

February Favourites


Molton Brown Vitalising Vitamin AB+C 
Bath & Shower
Purchased from David Jones $39 AUD

The scent of this is very similar to their very famous Naran Ji hand wash and lotion (used in many 5-star hotels and restaurants). Just like the Naran ji, the smell is very citrus based and infused with the sweet smell of orange oil and grapefruit-seed extract - a very uplifting and luxurious aroma. This body wash is rich in vitamins A, B, and C so it strengthens, softens and re-energises the skin, mind and body. It's such a gentle cleanser and a little bit goes a long way as it foams up very easily. After cleansing with this, you'll find that the smell is very subtle but will last for hours. No wonder it got voted 2009 Allure Best of Beauty Awards and runner-up in the Australian 2012 Beauty Awards!

Molton Brown Ultrasmooth Coco de Mer 
Bath & Shower 
Purchased from David Jones $39 AUD

Molton Brown Ultrasmooth Coco de Mer 
Body Lotion

Purchased from David Jones $39 AUD

I absolutely love the smell of the Coco de Mer - It has a light and refreshing scent of coconut fruit extract, honey and vanilla like scent. Just like all Molton brown shower gels and lotions, a little bit goes a long way. You'll find that the smallest amount will leave your skin feeling moisturised, soft and supple without that heavy feeling of having a thick lotion/gel on you. The smell is also very subtle but will last for hours. 

Kate Goldish Eyes $17.45 AUD

I'm a big fan of Kate eyeshadow palettes. I find them all very suitable for asian eyes as it has the ability to enhance asian eyes/deeply contour them by using a blend of different textured eyeshadows together (e.g. light/neutral colours, warm toned colours, deep monotone colours, soft sheen/shimmer colours). All Kate eyeshadow palettes contain colours that compliment each other very well which can be used for a subtle day look or heavier night time look. I particular love this gold palette as I find these colours can suit almost anyone.

Giorgio Armani High Precision Retouch
Purchased from David Jones $54 AUD

This is such a light weight concealer/brightener that provides very decent coverage and adds radiance to the skin. Although it doesn't give the heaviest coverage you can build it up without it settling into fine lines and looking cakey. I only use this for under the eyes or any dark areas I would want to brighten such as the sides of my nose/lips as it contains light reflecting pearls which diffuse light for radiant skin (so don't use this for pimples as it will draw light and attention to those areas). It did cover my dark circles and because of it's moisturising formula, it glides on smoothly without creasing throughout the day (just make sure you have a good base/eye cream underneath). The best thing about this is that the tiniest amount will go a long way. Ive been using the famous YSL touché éclat for years already and honestly, I think Giorgio Armani High Precision Retouch beats it as it doesn't just brighten but it gives coverage too.   

Sigma Dry'n Shape
Purchased from $31 AUD

This is a great product for drying your brushes! One of the reasons I hate washing my brushes (apart from being lazy) is that when I wash them, they usually don't dry until 2 days time so I'm pretty much brushless for the next day or so which sucks because sometimes I need to use them to get ready for work, school or etc. So when I first bought this Sigma Dry n Shape, I was quite skeptical with whether it would dry my brushes within 4-6 hours (as they claimed it would). To my surprise, not only did it dry my brushes completely but it shaped my brushes perfectly back to their original shape. I only wish Sigma would come out with a dry n shape for the smaller sized eyeshadow brushes.


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