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Sunday, 20 January 2013

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil seems to be on trend at the moment, especially for those health and beauty junkies out there. So I decided to see what the fuss was all about and research the many benefits of coconut oil.

helps with weight loss

Unlike other oils, coconut oil is made up of medium-chain saturated fatty aside (MCFA). These MCFA's are small enough to be absorbed into our cells therefore our body can immediately metabolise it and convert it into energy rather than being stored as fat. It can also help with digestion by soothing bacteria/stomach bugs that cause poor digestion. Add coconut oil to your diet everyday by replacing your normal cooking oil with coconut oil.  

prevents skin from ageing

 Coconut oil is claimed to be a hydrating treatment that can prevent sagging/wrinkles and minimise any fine lines. Just apply a bit on your face daily as a normal moisturiser.

prevents hair loss and dandruff

hardened build-up of sebum can clog the hair follicles and hinder the hair follicles ability to function properly. This can cause hair loss, slow hair growth, and dry flakey scalps. By using coconut oil as a scalp treatment, it can remove any product build up on the scalp (including shampoo and conditioner build up) therefore stimulating hair growth and revealing a clean healthy scalp.

hydrating treatment

Coconut oil can be used as a beauty treatment - you can use it as a body lotion/scrub to help moisturise your skin, you can use it as a hair mask/conditioner to strengthen your hair and help condition your dry ends, you can even use it as a lip balm, make up removercuticle oil, to remove excess wax, or even as a natural deodorant (Ive tried this - it works!). 

Coconut oil is so versatile.. You can use it for just about anything. No wonder its claimed to be a 'super food'. 

Below is a step by step procedure on how to make 1. Your own coconut body scrub and 2. Your own strengthening hair mask.

DIY Coconut Body Scrub

What you'll need:
- 1 tbs coconut oil
- 2 tbs sugar
- container


1. scoop one tablespoon of coconut oil in a container.

2. place the container with the coconut oil in the microwave for 30 seconds to dissolve the coconut oil into a liquid. 

3. scoop two tablespoons of sugar in the oil.

4.  and mix it in (don't worry if the sugar sets to the bottom as its pretty much impossible to keep it fully mixed).

5. In a bathtub, take a spoonful of mixture into your palms and rub onto dry skin (you can scrub your elbows, knees, soles of your feet for longer).

6. After scrubbing your body, rinse well with warm water and follow with soap if your body is still really oily. 

7. Pat dry and no need to follow with a body cream as your skin should feel extremely moisturised now.

* The only problem about this is that it can get messy. Make sure you clean your bath tub after as it can be slippery from the oil.

* After doing this, your skin should feel extremely smooth, soft, and hydrated.

DIY Strengthening Hair Mask

What you'll need:
- 2 tbs Coconut oil (seals the hair, prevent protein loss, helps retain moisture)
-  2 tbs Honey (natural conditioner, adds shine to hair)
- 1 Egg yolk (full of protein, help frizzy damaged hair)


1. Place the coconut oil, egg yolk, and honey into a pot
 on low heat.

2. Let the ingredient dissolve and whisk them all together.  
3. Apply to all over to dry hair and scalp (massage the scalp).

4. Cover with shower cap/plastic bag (I used a plastic bag so that I could throw away the bag once I was done).

5. Wait for 30 minutes - 1 hour.

6. Wash out with shampoo and conditioner

* The only problem with using coconut oil in the bath/shower is that it can get messy and leave your shower floors oily. So make sure that you clean it afterwards otherwise it can get slippery.
* Also its best to do this mask on a day when you're planning to stay at home because even after the first wash, your hair can look quite oily (It takes a good 2-3 times of washing it to get the oil fully out).
* After doing this mask, my hair felt strengthened (less hair loss), nourished and my scalp was much clearer. 

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